This page describes the RallyTools app I’ve developed to assist in Long Distance Endurance Rallies.

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Key features:

  • Roll chart display with estimated arrival times and other statistics
  • Ability to edit the route from the app (BRouter required for time/distance calculations)
  • GPX file import
  • Supports custom icons
  • Create PDF version of roll chart
  • Take pictures with automatic file naming based on bonus id.
  • Save a large and small version of each image.
  • Automatically open email app with images as attachments
  • Calculates expected odometer at each stop based on previous stops
  • Picture in picture support to allow next stop details to display over navigation app.
  • Automatically/Manually send active waypoint to Waze or Pushbullet.


  • When importing routes from basecamp, the gpx files do not contain the timing information. This can either be set manually, or the route recalculated using BRouter.
  • Layout and font choices were made based on running on a Pixel XL, other devices may need tweaking.

Known bugs

  • The expected arrival time font is sometimes too large.
  • Occasionally it thinks you’ve arrived well before it should. I haven’t been able to reproduce this reliably enough to track it down


  • See a full description of the settings here.

Setup BRouter:

  • Install BRouter (Get it on Google Play)
  • Run BRouter and download the data for the appropriate region

Setup Custom Icons

– To use RallyTools icon set in BaseCamp, download the icons from here. Extract into:

  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 – C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Garmin\Custom Waypoint Symbols\
  • Mac OS X – Macintosh HD/Users/%USERNAME%/Library/Application Support/Garmin/Custom Waypoint Symbols/

– To use your custom icons in RallyTools, replace the files in android/data/com.notenoughfreetime.rallytools/icons with your own.






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